SAP Migration and Upgrade Services

Migration Market conditions are transient and can change at any time. Data is king and is generated in humongous volumes every day. Businesses can capitalize on this data-opportunity by analysing this data and using it to make good business decisions. SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) provides organizations with great power to perform real-time analysis on data. SAP HANA may be of great utility, but migrating to it is not easy. A staggering number of organizations still operate on databases such as IBM DB2, Sybase and other older databases and migrating this data to SAP HANA is a huge challenge. IngenxT, with its expertise in this domain, provides seamless migration to SAP HANA. We also help organizations to migrate to a secure cloud environment to enable them to do more with less! In today’s ever-changing business climate, it is pivotal for organizations to be up-to speed with the latest technologies that provide quick, easy and relevant access to any amount of data. The SAP Environment needs to be checked and upgraded in sync with the latest trends in the industry. Version upgrades for SAP can help organizations to enhance performance, improvise on business processes and be competitive in a market that is as competitive as ever. An SAP upgrade, when carried out with the right strategy by the right experts, can yield huge benefits for any business.


Non-Disruptive Change
Smooth Transition
Migration and Upgrade Experience
Minimal Downtime


  • 1Fast Implementation

    Fast Implementation assisted by global presence and by using reusable components, tools, guidelines, and proven methodology.

  • 2Flexibility

    Ingenx ensures delivery flexibility allows you to choose the best automation and different delivery methods for E2E project Delivery.

  • 3Reduce Risk

    To manage risk, we ensure that the project is properly planned, scope is well- defined and managed.

  • 4Better Control

    To Deliver a success project Ingenx provides proper governance structure to ensure the proper controls are in place to reduce risks.

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