Ingenx EzBizTrac – The tool helps to perform business process monitory to track system process health in real time. This tool helps in better visualization of the business process monitoring.

What EzBizTrac

The aim to achieve digital orientation and service orientation of any company in ever growing technology world should be aided by the BPM leading to quantifiable results such

Process and software transaction efficiency should be improved to derive better ROI from the implemented solution suite.
Ownership and audit trails for unhealthy spike or reduction of business activities or transactions should be monitored.
Customer Satisfaction
End customer satisfaction and service delivery should be optimised with faster and efficient business processes and reduced lead times for transactions.
And at the end the profitability for the company implementing SAP, the aim should be to improve profitability by plugging gaps created due to inefficient processes and user errors.

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In summary the standard analytical dashboard development with minor changes at any given point of time 80% more expensive than dashboard developed on EzBizTrac. Since the aim is to make the client self sufficient the cost through EzBizTrac can be further optimised if the client utilises an inhouse resource for the creation of these analytical dashboards. This cost when compared to licence and maintenance cost the client can make a saving of approximately 60% to 70%.


  • Data Integrity

  • System integrity

  • Technical Integrity

  • Ingenx Risk Mitigation

  • Business Continuity

  • Information Security

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