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EzReport Introduction

Ingenx has developed an powerful engine called DataPro Suite 10I, Embedded in the core, a powerful engine which can extract data for complex reporting requirements and On that engine Ingenx has developed different tools which has been certified by SAP.

Benefits to Business

NO-Code Reporting Tool
With the help of EzReports an ABAP report can be developed without writing a single line of ABAP code.
100% Data Handling
The tool can handle huge amounts of data. On comparison with ABAP finance report, the report configured on EZR was able to give the desired results for over 1.2 million Records. The ABAP report could not handle records beyond 400,000.
Less than 3 Man Days Effort
The actual configuration time of the report, to allow it to be executable for data read was 3-man days in total. Compared to ABAP it took 90% less time to achieve the same output.
100% Data Accuracy
Data when compared and matched with the SAP table content, a 100 % match was found. The data is fetched directly from the tables hence chances of error are low if the data fetch logic is correct.

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  • Indicative Colouring for Cells Satisfying a Particular Criteria.

  • Selection Screen with Fields from Multiple Tables

  • Drill Down Functionality for Multiple Transactions from report output screen

  • Fetches Data from external Systems Using Excel Mapping

  • Concatenation of Multiple Fields

  • Arithmetic Calculation of simple or complex nature

  • Complex Report requiring cross reference data from more than 17-20 Tables with greater than 50 display fields.


The tool is a new innovative product from Ingenx to automate ABAP reports. Take a sneak peek at the offering and you can reach us for a detailed demo. Our contact details are available at the end of the video.

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