iGMS Introduction

Introducing iGMS by Ingenx – the state-of-the-art gas management system transforming high-pressure natural gas delivery process. This innovative technology simplifies transmission, scheduling, and logistics, delivering optimal efficiency and unparalleled reliability. iGMS seamlessly blends with both current natural gas setups and future hydrogen mixes, safeguarding efficient energy delivery. With the power of automation and real-time data, iGMS is the future-proof solution that keeps homes warm and businesses running, while ensuring streamlined operations for gas companies within the SAP ecosystem. Upgrade to iGMS and experience the next level in natural gas management.

Benefits to Business

Tailored Industry-Specific Solutions
Crafted specifically for the nuanced demands of gas companies, our product delivers precise solutions tailored to meet the challenges and goals these businesses face. Its design is rooted in sector-specific insights, enabling companies to enhance their operational flow with precision and gain superior results.
Easier to Adapt
The product's inherent flexibility fortifies your business's capacity to evolve. It effortlessly conforms to new processes, integrates novel features, or pairs with external systems, thus maintaining your competitive edge. This agility ensures your organization can navigate market shifts and new obstacles with ease, eliminating the need for intricate overhaul procedures.
Leverage Intelligent Reporting
Harness the power of smart analytics for heightened understanding and informed choices. Utilize the most current data to ground your decisions, propelling productivity and optimal performance. Whether you're aiming to wisely distribute resources, predict trends, or pinpoint cost-cutting measures, our tool arms you with the intelligence to lead the pack and decide with assurance.
Streamlines Operations
Simplify your process and lower your total cost of ownership with our straightforward solution. Centered around the management of natural gas, our approach avoids the excessive customization that drains wallets and devours time. Our solution empowers you to meet objectives in natural gas management without financial strain.

Start Your Automation Journey Now


  • Automated contract and capacity management enhances precision and saves time.

  • Real-time monitoring ensures efficient sales, distribution, and financial management.

  • Future-ready integration for natural gas and hydrogen blends.

  • Clear, electronic contract handling reduces risks and misunderstandings.

  • Simplified scheduling through an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

  • Robust SAP BTP foundation for reliable, scalable operations.


The Ingenx gas management solution iGMS optimizes the transmission and logistics of natural gas within high-pressure pipeline networks. This future-proof technology is also designed to seamlessly integrate with upcoming advancements in natural gas and hydrogen blends, ensuring continued reliable and efficient gas delivery.

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