Fuel Marketing & Operations

Do you have GPS enabled on your truck? Do you utilize the possibilities of this data to the maximum? Do you have an adequate solution for your fuel stations and terminals?
We present to you the Fuel Marketing & Operations solution. FMO is the best in breed Cloud Solution for fuel marketing. Being a Cloud solution there is no expense on the hardware requirement from the client side. Subscription based model hence expand as you need. Separate Logins for Supplier, Transporter and Retailer and the terminal.
Integrated with real time GPS enabled truck Tracking data provided by your transporter. The data with the map screenshot is stored for each order and trip which can be used for settling claims at a later stage. Integrated with Inventory systems for real time inventory exposure. Complete order management for end to end visibility. Link your point of sale system to the FMO or automatic inventory updates and enable replenishment of stocks. Integration banking gateway enabling easy payment from retailers.

Queue Management Solution

The truck enters your warehouse of your factory premise for loading or unloading of goods and material. The gate entry to gate exit is manual and not controlled. We are proud to share the Queue management solution with you. Using RFID technology the solution aims to automate the movement of truck inside the warehouse or factory premise completely.
Mounted RFID readers and handheld devices use passive tags to control the location and movements of trucks. The solution integrates all this equipment including boom barriers and access control system to one single platform. The solution can further be integrated to ERP systems for warehouse and inventory checks. Please drop a mail to us in case you would like to know further details.


Technology for a social cause. Are you facing issues with crop planning? Are you unsure of your yields? Would like to know the suitable are of land for your crops? Maisha which means "life" is our initiative for the agriculture sector to precisely answer the above questions. Using the latest Geo spatial imagery and our intelligence layer over this data, we have created the perfect tool for you to track farm wise data for production and yield. We would happy to discuss with you in detail.


Do you have multiple data sources? Would you like your to view your data more meaningfully? With the help of Visular, you can connect with your MS Excel, My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle or even Flat File databases in an instant. It empowers you to quickly gather useful business intelligence out of your data. Visualr features a very convenient, streamlined and user friendly interface.With the requirement of very less to no technical expertise, users can easily create dashboards through their datasets and generate insightful reports out of them. It has a very gentle learning curve, and any person can get up and running with this Data Visualization software in a matter of few minutes. Ingenx is partnered with Visualr to increase its footprint and for easy adaptation. Please drop us a mail for a demo. You can download a trial version here.